Friday, 24 November 2017


What went well?

What went well was when we were getting our work finished and saying  our script. What was well was when we were getting our things right. We got on with our work good and everyone was participating in what we were doing for our work.

What would you change?

I would change some stuff like changing our script reading it probably and that's it from

Did you work together?

Yes we worked together as a team and we were also participation in what we were doing. Here is a video of what our group did 

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Greeting bloggers have you had a great day.

Today I was doing cyber smart with Gerhard. He was teaching us about not telling people password if you don't what password is then I would tell you it is when you secure your phone or laptop or Chromebook and also your house. What we did today was to go on flipgrid to video our self what we would do if you shared you password.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Today at 12:00 on a Thrusday in the after noon henderson class went to tristar at Mount Roskill, we had to walk from our school all the way to cameron pools. The people who were teaching us to do gymnastic and their names were ethan and kane. It was cool because we did these fun activity and it was Trampoline, foam pit, beams, relay, stuck in the mud, bars, bear walk, bunny hop, barrel, circuit, straddle, shape, and it was super awesome. The funnest thing when we were at tristar was when someone fated when they were landing. After we had to sit on the mat because it was time to go back to school. People were sweating and wanting to drink water. Then kane said which was your favorite coach is it ethan or him but I picked ethan because he doesn't yell all the time. It was time to leave tristar so we said have a good evening but I was wanting to come and do it again.

here is a video of us at tristar.

Friday, 1 September 2017

how to care for chicks


The chicks are small and fluffy and they are fertilized eggs, that come from a hen. A chick is a type of young bird that will eventually grow into a chicken or a hen. They come from fertilized eggs which have being laid by a female chicken - also known as a hen. In Henderson class we have been observing our baby chicks. There were four pullets which are girl and 2 cockerels which are boys. This explanation will tell us how to look after and care for chicks.


The incubator is a small machine which has a temperature on top of it to keep the chicks warm. Them temperature was 37.7.  An incubator is a machine which help the chicks get some fur on it body. It is good because it helps the chicks get warm and make them safe from people touching it. When it hatched, the head was so wet.

The brooder is where their is a light bulb inside a box made out of wood and the brooder is where the chicks eat and play and also drink. It is also
A box which have everything they need. Lastly the brooder has a light bulb to keep it warm and safe.


Caring for chicks is a little bit hard. If you have the right support then you will be magnificent. When you follow the instruction and you get it right and then you will be a phenomenal expert, and your chicks can be happy and have a better life. Lastly if you did not have any support and don't no what you are doing what would you do?

here is a video of them.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

2017 CAMP

2017 camp

On Wednesday the 26th of July, I woke up at 6:00 and I ard we had to rived at school at 7:00 clock and felt like I was not going to see my parents. But then after that I went and played with Revival and Raymond and also Levi. we were just sitting almost falling asleep but I tried to stay up but I was going to fall asleep because I could here this lovely music. Then after that we had to get into our groups but in a straight line. After that the teachers were doing the roll and they were calling the kids names out to check if they are here. When it was 7:27 the sun was started to rise up and it was beautiful and I loved it. It was 8:00 and we had to  get our luggage and walk to the double decker bus. When we were walking I was near the bus and people were still walking to the gigantic double decker bus. Then after that we had to go into the bus but I ran as fast as flash to the top of the bus to see a good view of where we are going.  The bus driver said sit tight because we are going to under the tunnel, so when we were almost there under the tunnel I was so scared that I was going to pee my shorts. When we were under I closed my eyes because I thought that we all were going to die but like we survived because it perfectly fitted underneath. In the enormous tunnel there were heaps of security cameras and heaps of lights. When we came out my brown eyes hurt because of the bright yellow sun.